Welcome to Truscott Mining Corporation Limited

Truscott Mining Corporation Limited ("Truscott") is an exploration company that is focussed on becoming a poly-metallic producer in the historically proven region of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. Truscott manages a systematic and intellectually driven exploration program over mineral projects in which it has 100% holding.

Historically the region of Tennant Creek has produced over 5.5 million ounces of gold at a very high average recovered grade of 19g/t Au, together with significant copper, bismuth and silver. Successful historical producers have shown that high grade ore production at moderate tonnage was sustained over 10 to 20 year time frames.

Truscott is a tightly held company with a low number of shares on issue and continues to work to minimise the issue of additional equity as a means of maintaining the company shareholders' position, as a highly leveraged company to exploration and development success in the Tennant Creek Mineral Field.